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The past decade has already proven just how volatile and complex the world can get with its many advances in technology. And with the business landscape constantly changing and making our futures unclear, leaders will need to discover a means to make these unpredictable waves of disruption more tolerable. Because unlike trends that are more gradual in nature, disruptions can be extreme and have a sense of immediacy that can be alarming for more people who are ill-equipped for it.

Because of these disruptions, leaders will need to face a future riddled with dilemmas. Dilemmas are complicated situations that are filled with conflict. They demand making undesirable choices between highly prized values for which neither choice will ever feel like the right one. Therefore, dilemmas will always feel unsolvable. As the leader, you will need to learn how to make peace with whatever decision you make.

What can a leader do to be better prepared to ride the waves of disruption and face the harsh realities of dilemmas that there is no escaping from in any business environment? The key is an ongoing cycle of learning that combines foresight, insight, and action.  


How well can you predict what will happen in the future? To look forward, we must look back. This is why hindsight is valuable in shaping our predictions for what is in store for us.

Our prior knowledge of past events provides us with wisdom. When we think of our past experiences, we are also reminded of the burdens and challenges that we overcame to get us where we are today. We think about the errors in judgment or the mistakes that brought us to our current situation. We remember our achievements and how we came to make the right decisions.

When we systematically think about the future, we are less likely to be caught off-guard by the impact of new technology. And we’re also less likely to make poor judgments based on assumptions.


Insight is not to be confused with conjuring up new ideas or innovations. Insight demands deep intuitive understanding. It’s about being so accurately aware and in tune that you see things for what they are despite what seems to be a fair forecast. Insight is about having clarity despite the complexities and contradictions of the future. And when we take our foresight and insight, we can take our predictions and intuitions and put them into action.


In the past, it was enough to be an action-oriented leader. However, leaders who act without foresight or insight are nothing more than managers who are leading their teams into more unpredictable waters and expecting them to stay afloat until the next wave of disruption. This is an ineffective and inefficient way to respond to conflict and change and will likely cost you the trust of your team.

Do you want to strengthen your leadership skills? Is your organization threatened by the waves of disruption that come with the introduction of new technology and innovative new practices? I think we can help.

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