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Most traditional approaches in everything from schooling to workdays to the economy are vanishing into the past. We’ve stepped into a brave new world where conventional has been forced out by creative. Management is now less about process and more about people. And we are living more holistic lives where even employers urge their people to find something meaningful to them outside of work.

For too many years, industries were reminded not to fly too close to the sun. Best leave the road less traveled to those adventurers who have less to lose. We exchanged cautionary tales to warn us of our limitations. We were careful not to think out-of-the-box too loudly. And we dared to never rock the boat.

But times have changed. People have changed. Our missions and vision have changed.

As new technology is introduced to automate mundane processes and lessen our manual workloads, you would think that we would become reliant. But instead of giving into a robotic takeover, we have gotten more in touch with our humanity. We recognize our value-added work and celebrate the fact that our biggest contribution to our organization isn’t always tangible.

How did we get to this point? We started to treat our work as art.

We changed the narrative and adopted art as an attitude. We challenge the status quo and decide to be more proactive. We embrace bold new ideas and seek channels to unlock our creativity. And we broaden our thinking and gain insight.

We put the customer on center stage. Our actions and decisions center on meeting their needs and how we can deliver the solutions to their problems. Our marketing is less about catchy slogans and boastful phrases on how we are #1, the crème de la crème, and the best. We meet our target market on the platforms that matter to them instead of calling them to come to us. It is now about transparency and storytelling that is genuine. We listen to their pain points and adjust our approach to deliver not just outstanding products but memorable experiences.

We put our people first. We recognize who the true artists are behind the masterpieces. We cultivate better relationships and give our employees platforms to express their individual creativity. We find better solutions to age-old problems in organizations. We ensure our people gain knowledge continuously and realize their worth. We aren’t just resolving conflict but avoiding it by promoting collaborative company cultures that also kill the plague that is office politics. And because of it, we enjoy increases in efficiency, productivity, and overall job satisfaction. Our people are not just our greatest assets but our most loyal advocates who feel invested in the success of our organization.

Isn’t it curious how despite the digital dominance, we are more in touch with our human emotions now more than ever? This is because we realize as more technological advances are introduced and integrated into our everyday lives, we possess something that no machine can ever replicate – our creativity and our art.

Do you agree? How do you feel about how most traditional business practices are being thrown out to make way for more innovative and creative approaches? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Let’s connect:  or

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