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You Don't Have To Build An Engaged Culture Alone

That’s Where Inscape Consulting Comes In. We come alongside your team to help everyone move toward shared goals and values.

Employee Engagement Is No Longer “An HR Thing”

When employees share feedback, they expect the organization will pay attention to what they have said, and do something with it. If programs and solutions to address engagement don’t result in improved business results, leadership will lose faith in HR. If managers aren’t prepared and equipped to support their direct reports, they just won’t.

Together we’ll find out what’s really going on with your people and create the change your business needs to move forward.

By putting your people at the forefront, you can discover what they need from their managers, work environments, and leadership teams and proactively build an engagement strategy around those needs.

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Greg has been an invaluable resource in my own leadership development and in my work to evolve the culture of my organization. He has an impressive ability to drill down to essential issues of any challenge and place the problem into a larger context of what these issues mean to the organization.

Shaun StevensonPresident and CEO, Port of Prince Rupert

Understanding Your Challenges From Both Sides of the Desk

I am a certified professional Executive Coach that specializes in employee engagement, leadership, and management solutions. A former CEO and COO, I have over 30 years of experience in corporate development, business process optimization, corporate turnarounds, and revitalizations, team building, and organizational leadership.

As a group facilitator, I combine my extensive background as an executive with a natural flair for storytelling (or so I’ve been told). Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada but serving clients globally, I can work with your leaders in-person or remotely.

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What’s in a Name?

When analyzing the corporate marketplace, there is a tendency to spend a significant amount of time and resources evaluating external factors such as the economic conditions, competition, and market share— the "landscape" of business. While these parameters are essential to corporate success and sustainability, one element often remains overlooked: the "inscape." Inscape Consulting helps organizations look at their operations' internal workings and existing self-imposed mental models to resolve management and leadership issues.

Here are the steps to a High Performing Culture


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Increase Engagement

Build a high-performance culture and increase your talent pipeline and your bottom line.

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