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There’s only so much that a resume can tell an employer about the person that they are interviewing. A person’s educational background, work experience, or certifications don’t give enough insight into the candidate’s personality types and if it is the right fit for the position they are applying for. It certainly doesn’t highlight their cognitive abilities or reveal aspects that are otherwise impossible to determine based on a face-to-face interview.

It’s natural for an organization to want to know as much as they can about a potential employee before welcoming and integrating them into their company. Mistakes in recruiting the wrong candidate have proven to be costly, and this is why HR has taken extra measures to be insured against this.

The benefits of psychometric testing for your organization

Psychometric tests have been administered in conjunction with other traditional interview processes to determine if the candidate’s cognitive abilities and behavioral style are the right fit for the position they are applying for. Depending on the position, cognitive tests aim to measure their potential to succeed by evaluating their levels of verbal, mathematical, mechanical and spatial reasoning. Personality or behavioral tests can give the employer insight into the person’s motives, talents, strengths, weaknesses, and working styles.

Psychometric tests have proven to offer insight during the interview process but are also demonstrating to be beneficial for existing employees. Here are some ways that psychometric testing can benefit you and your employees:


Through the results of psychometric testing, individuals become self-aware of their own strengths and weaknesses. Self-awareness allows employees to acknowledge their blind spots and where they need to put their focus on improving.

When an individual understands their personality type, they are equipped and empowered with the knowledge to mold themselves personally and professionally so that they may reach their potential.


When an organization can recognize the unique individual personalities of their employees, it will lead to a better understanding of how to develop high functioning teams. Each team member has specific strengths that they can contribute to ensuring the effective performance of the team.

When individuals know themselves and others in their team, it establishes a mutual respect amongst team members, thus strengthening their bond and ability to work harmoniously.

Company culture

Because psychometric testing has proven to be a good predictor of a candidate’s compatibility with not only their position but the company itself, the employee has a higher chance of finding success and reaching their potential. Each employee’s individual motivations and talents have a unique interaction with the company environment. Organizations themselves have their own personality, and with psychometric testing, it becomes evident if employees are the right match for that company’s particular mission and values.

What are your thoughts on psychometric testing? Do you think that these type of tests should be mandatory for all employees and applicants?

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