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Each employee has an individualized goal. Often, their goals are not met because those they want to seek mentorship from are far too busy themselves to make time for one-on-one sessions.

Despite the advancements in technology, employees still find themselves distracted and struggle to work efficiently because of high competition, company expectations, and constant changes. And when they get promoted to an executive position, they find themselves ill-equipped to take on the challenges that come with a leadership role. What can they do to get the guidance they require?

This dilemma is the reason why many companies have embraced Executive Coaching in their company culture as the channel to help guide their executives in unfolding their personal and professional aspirations and mold their business behavior.  Executive Coaching services focus on the unique goals of the managers by helping them recognize where they come from personally and where they hope to see themselves in the future professionally.

How an Executive Coach can help your organization

Despite working hard, executives catch themselves struggling with not having enough time to fulfill the responsibilities that will help them emerge as effective leaders. An Executive Coach can help develop the executive’s time management skills resulting in their growth and performance improvement that will greatly benefit the organization as a whole.

With Executive Coaching, executives reap the benefits of:

  • Improved leadership skills
  • Conflict resolution skills between employees
  • Advanced management skills
  • Heightened awareness that enable actions
  • Positive change in behavior

The Executive Coaching Process


  • Pre-discussion

To gather valuable data on employee behavior, the Executive Coach will engage with the HR and relevant executive leaders with the purpose to understand them more in detail. From the data collected, a thorough understanding of the company’s expectations from the coach should be established. The Coach will have a detailed background on the executive who requires coaching.

What is their role and what value do they have to the company? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Most importantly, are they willing to be coached?


  • Assessment

After the leader evaluation report, the Executive Coach should have established the executive’s communication and leadership style. The executive is asked to measure their own performance thus exposing key points of concentration. The HR and company should outline what they expect to get out of the coaching session.


  • Agreement

The Coach, the executive, and the HR should work unitedly to create a non-disclosure agreement defining the coaching.


  • Coaching

Coaching will commence and last as long as based on the period of time as agreed upon. During this phase, the coach will be in personal contact with the executive enabling steady progress.  


  • Closure

The final stage is when the executive, the Coach, and the HR will evaluate the development and if the coaching objectives were reached as mapped out in the coaching agreement.

There are natural born leaders, and there are some employees who were promoted to an executive leadership role still lacking some elements to make them a great leader. Sometimes, employees who have been with a company for so long losing focus and sight of their professional goals.

An Executive Coach will help the executive unlock their potential that may have been buried under years of distraction caused by a company who expected them to work under pressure or reach unrealistic goals. This is why it is critical to involve the HR in the process to ensure that all parties take ownership for the roles they may have played.

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