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What is the ultimate asset of an individual or an organization?

It is strength of character.

However, a strong character is not something you acquire easily or wake up with overnight. It takes years of our judgment and temperament being tested. It requires us to defend our intentions and values when they are being questioned consistently and constantly.

Those who have strength of character are honest, humble, and compassionate. They are resilient, and they persevere. You prove the truth in your character not just by the words you speak but in your actions. Here’s how:  

Be Willing to Speak Up and Take a Stand

There are people who avoid conflict at all costs, even if it means following a crowd they don’t belong to or agreeing to something they don’t believe in. They lack the courage to speak their minds. Or maybe, they’re so unsure of themselves that they simply agree with the most popular choice.

Those with a strong character don’t fall victim to public opinion. They follow what they believe is right and what is right for them. They are firm in their resolution and are brave enough to stand up and speak out when integrity, honesty, and respect are being challenged.

Defend Your Character

Life will test you, and it will test you often. Be ready to guard your character when you encounter the daily burdens of everyday life. You’ll be faced with temptations and be pressured by even your peers.

You’ll feel moments of weakness, and that’s completely natural. However, it’s how you guard your character that you show its strength. It’s one thing to say that you will never waver, it’s another to be there at that moment and prove that you are not easily swayed or lured into acting in a manner that is uncharacteristic of who you claim you are.

Demonstrate Toughness When Faced with Choices

We build strength of character over time and from experience. And you prove true to character in the choices that you make. You won’t always get it right the first time around. You will falter, and you may fail. However, there is beauty in failure as it leaves us with lessons. A strong character means having the emotional and mental strength to forgive yourself when you make the wrong decision and the ability to correct yourself and learn from it.

As you experience more in life and find yourself surviving challenging times, you discover how to align your words and values with your actions. To be authentic, you should act and react based on your beliefs and morals. Veer from them, and you lose credibility.

Be true to who you are, and you will have no regrets in both business and life. As a former CEO and COO, I can tell you that there have been many times in my 25 years of organizational business experience where my strength of character has been tested. That’s why today, I have taken on the challenge of helping leaders discover and develop themselves.

I believe that I can help you along that complicated leadership road and provide you with the leadership development tools and information you need to succeed. If that sounds good to you, let’s connect:

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