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It is natural to trust someone who communicates with passion and conviction. People are more likely to follow leaders who are persuasive yet charismatic. However, making a compelling case for your cause requires more than merely stating your message clearly; it’s certainly not enough to get people on board. Be prepared to defend the how and why.

People want to follow leaders who stand up for their ideas and are transparent with their mission. But how do you get your audience to see your vision? How do you get them to follow you?

To boost your abilities to persuade and influence, you need to increase involvement and participation. Here’s how:  

Understand Your Audience

As a leader in your company, you can’t address a group of employees without having done your research. You can’t convince them that the changes you plan to enforce are for their benefit, especially when you don’t know what their struggles are. And when you are meeting with potential clients, you can’t make the sale when you don’t understand how your products will solve their problems.

To be a successful leader and effective influencer, you need to customize your message depending on your audience. No matter how fascinating your case is, it will only captivate listeners who are prepared to hear what you have to say. To move your listeners, you need to know who they are. What stirs them? What do they want?

Set the Mood, Increase Participation

The more involved people are, the easier they are to convince. Give them openings to contribute. Create the right atmosphere by boosting participation. Whether you are talking to an individual or a large group of people, make eye contact. In a room full of people, look into the crowd. Study their faces and their reactions. Prove to them through your speech and body language that you’re eager for their participation.

When your audience is invited to engage, their senses are heightened. When people feel included and involved, they become invested. They offer their opinions and insight to help the cause, making the mood more collaborative.


The key to active listening is to give your undivided attention. Make eye contact that is relaxed and not too intense. Show a genuine interest to hear their points of view. Show that you are listening by asking the right questions, and a nod to show you are following what they say. Ultimately, your sincerity in listening is what will pay off the most.

The most influential and persuasive leaders don’t meet with employees or potential customers with the sole purpose to gain support or seal the deal. Their first goal is to gain respect which they earn by being active listeners and effective communicators. There’s a line between convincing and conniving that the best leaders don’t cross.

If you want to increase your powers of persuasion and influence to become a more effective leader, I believe I can help you. We are passionate about leadership and delivering executive coaching that works. Let’s connect:

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