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The truth about what keeps us from achieving our goals and enjoying success makes most people uncomfortable. It has nothing to do with the lack of support from your colleagues or bosses. It’s not even the fact that your company refuses to invest in time management software or other technology meant to make you more efficient at your job.

The reality is that the biggest roadblock to reaching success is often ourselves. Whether we can’t recognize it or refuse to acknowledge it, we can be our own worst enemy when it comes to attaining success. We make errors in judgment, delude ourselves, or set unrealistic goals. Here are eight mistakes that keep you from achieving personal fulfillment:

1. Making Excuses

Things are bound to go wrong and not go as expected. When this happens, do you fight or flee? Or do you make excuses? Do you relieve yourself of accountability?

2. Refusing to Leave Your Comfort Zone

The fear of failure can be debilitating. It keeps us from taking on new challenges that can help take us to the next level.

3. Assuring Yourself There’s Still Plenty of Time

Too often, we tell ourselves that we can put things off until tomorrow, the next week, or even the next year. We convince ourselves that we need time to grow and that there’s no rush. And instead of bringing ourselves closer to our goals, we move further away.

4. Surrounding Yourself with Toxic People

Toxic people can drag you down, especially if you allow them to fill your head with negativity. Whether they are your family members, co-workers, or even friends, keeping people in your life who don’t support your dreams will ultimately prevent you from ever achieving personal fulfillment.

5. Believing There Is Not Enough Success to Go Around

Just because all the leadership positions are filled, or it doesn’t feel like there are currently many opportunities for promotion, it doesn’t mean you should give up trying. Believe success is abundant. After all, success doesn’t need to be defined by a job title; it can be a state of mind where you are fully satisfied with your accomplishments.

6. Pursuing Someone Else’s Dream

While the intention of the people in our lives is good, they shouldn’t define your dreams for you. Accept advice and recommendations; however, your career path should be determined based on your personal goals.

7. Giving Up Too Easily

Instant success is rare; in fact, it may be a myth. The most successful people didn’t become that way overnight. When you give up too quickly, you lose the opportunity to find the valuable lessons in your failures. From defeats, you gain experience which you can later use to your advantage.  

8. Not Embracing Your Uniqueness

Trying too hard to blend in keeps you from shining throughout. To stand out, you need to recognize what makes you unique and an asset.

Do these sound familiar to you? Are you guilty of making these errors in judgment? Are you done with making excuses? I’ve had 30 years of organizational experience, and I believe I can help you set and achieve your performance goals. Let’s connect:

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