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Loyal employees have strong emotional ties to their company and employers; they will not only defend the company when the brand is under attack but represent it with pride. Most importantly, loyal high-character employees don’t entertain job offers from other companies or actively seek employment elsewhere.

The length of employment does not always guarantee loyalty. The employee’s attitude towards the firm, other employees, customers, personal interactions, and how the employee represents the organization are the true test of loyalty.

Unfortunately, loyalty is not quickly earned and maybe even harder to sustain. Leadership needs to realize that improving loyalty and reducing employee turnover rate starts from the moment the employee is hired and is a continuous engagement process. Here are ways to enhance employee loyalty and retention.

1. Provide opportunities for advancement

Many employees grow bored in their current roles when they feel like there are no opportunities to advance within an organization. Employers can reduce employee turnover rates by offering promotion opportunities that motivate employees who feel stagnant or unproductive.

Promotion opportunities can include employee training programs that teach employees new skills, increased employee responsibility with a corresponding salary adjustment, or lateral moves into other departments within the organization.

When you show your employees that they have room to grow and develop within their current roles, you will reduce employee turnover and improve employee satisfaction as it shows that you value employee contributions.

2. Offer fair salaries

Times are tough, and employers are more hesitant than ever to offer a competitive salary or increase existing wages. However, employees today recognize the reality of these turbulent times and want to be paid fairly. When you pay your employees on par with the industry standards and compensate them for their hard work, you value their contribution and want them to achieve success within your company. It also reduces employee turnover.

3. Treat your employees with respect

Employers must remember that employee loyalty is a two-way street. If you want your employees to be loyal, you should treat them with respect and dignity as they are putting their heart and soul into the company’s mission.

Respect needs to be modeled by leadership and ingrained in the company culture. When managers use their seniority to bully subordinates, a negative message is communicated to the rest of the company.

4. Keep employees engaged

It’s a common misconception that employee engagement programs need to cost a lot of money. However, engaging employees has more to do with effort than it does leveraging advanced technology. Some of the most engaged employees say that being given the right tools to do their job well, undergoing training and coaching, receiving feedback regularly, and being recognized for their efforts has made them want to engage more.

5. Evaluate loyalty regularly

Regular check-ins with employees are an excellent way to gauge work satisfaction, a crucial element contributing to loyalty. Too often, managers trust their team members so much that they give them full autonomy, thinking that the employee will reach out on their own if they need to. However, leaving an employee unchecked long enough can make them feel isolated and detached. And when employees no longer feel emotionally connected to their managers or co-workers, they may start to look elsewhere.

Do you have techniques for evaluating and increasing loyalty and employee retention that you feel need improvement? Please email me at to continue the conversation. 

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