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Most productive businesses today embrace the future. Even as uncertain and often confusing as it may seem, these companies address it by cultivating flexibility, proactivity, and adaptability. Organizations that fail to anticipate what the future has in store for them will stagnate and falter. Since 2000, over half of all Fortune 500 companies have either merged, have been acquired, or have disappeared. This trend has been, in large part, the result of digital disruption.

In any case, organizations that manage to be successful in these situations are known to cater to their employees by developing transparent, connected, and personalized work environments. Today’s modern workplace is no longer the cubicle-filled office of the 1990s and early 2000s. They are environments that resemble the lives people lead away from work. It is what the future of the workplace is and what leaders need to develop.

Below are three steps to achieve it.

The Experience-Filled Workplace

All of a company’s employees, regardless of their generation, tend to approach their jobs with a similar mindset of that of a consumer. They seek a working environment and culture that will closely resemble their personal lives, beliefs, and convictions as closely as possible. To meet their demands, leaders should look to make their workforce a top priority, right alongside their customers.

It means that they should strive to make the workspace into a place that provides a seamless experience for employees and customers alike. It implies delivering a great and fun working environment, among other similar such things. Consider some big brand names like Google or Airbnb, which provide libraries, green atriums, nerd caves, places to meditate and much more.

Besides, smart leaders understand that their workspaces serve as physical expressions of their corporate values and should design them accordingly. A green-oriented company, for instance, will attract environmentally-conscious employees and customers, and the workspace should reflect these values by as much as possible. Also, modern employees will want options in terms of how, when, and where to work, and leaders should give them this choice.

On-Demand Learning

Today’s workforce is also on the lookout for companies that offer them the possibility to better themselves professionally. Successful leaders know that their business’ future depends on this fact and will help their employees better themselves through a process which is known as continual learning. Self-education is imperative for today’s workforce if they wish to remain competitive in an ever more technological business environment. Leaders should urge their employees to devote several hours per week to take charge of their learning.

Agile Leadership

Agile leaders can adapt at a moment’s notice. They are transparent and honest with their staff and always hold themselves accountable for their actions. They act with an entrepreneurial mindset within the company and on behalf of their organization. Agile leaders are still future-oriented, anticipating changes that will impact their business and its environment.

Such leaders are also better able to make management decisions because they understand the value and importance of productive teams. They will hire and assign team members inclusively and are the champions of diversity. Agile leaders help develop people and promote on-demand and peer learning.

The workplace plays an equally crucial role as a leader when it comes to employee engagement and productivity. Leaders that put their staff on the same footing as their customers and cater to their needs and desires will see their companies thrive in a highly disrupted business environment. For some complimentary advice, book an appointment at or call me at +1 (604) 943-0800.

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