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Contagious Presence: Unlock and Nourish Your Superpowers

Create Your Intentional Contagious Presence. Be It.

Our communication with the world is not just about what we say and how we look. Every communication also has a “vibrational energetic” effect. The difference in being successful (or unsuccessful) in any relationship can be as simple as the impact our vibration leaves. We can evoke responsiveness – or resistance. We can cause inspiration or obligation. We can create doom and gloom – or light up the whole room. We can evoke authenticity – or fakery. We can cause the conversation to open up – or shut it down, all with our energetic presence.

The most important task for leaders is to strengthen our IEP. The more we do this proactively, the stronger it gets, and the easier it becomes to willingly command our energetic presence. This allows us to respond and lead in the most helpful, appropriate, and effective ways. This is true leadership.

How to Create a Contagious Presence

  • The IEP Method®

Your Intentional Energetic Presence, or your IEP, is how you present yourself to the world (for others and yourself ). It also includes your intentions – what you would like to have happen, your energy – the stamina you bring to the table, and your presence – how present you are, how you show up, and what you bring to the present moment.

There are three parts of the IEP:

1. Reboot your presence.

The ability to reboot your presence in the moment means you can shift state, no matter what. It means you check your presence and the energy you bring into a conversation or room. If it just doesn’t feel right, or it will not best serve what you’re there to do, you can reboot. You intend. You breathe. You Shift. You Show up. And go.

2. Build a strong energetic field and foundation

Building your energetic field is the most important component of this methodology. Our first goal is to build your energetic field so you can fully come to life and feel clear, solid, and energized, while having the range and capacity for even more.

The second intention is to build your energetic field so well that when people step into it, especially people who may be more challenging to communicate and work with, you can improve, navigate, serve, and even lead them with grace, clarity, and effectiveness – without getting burnt out, giving yourself away, or getting caught up in their stuff. The stronger your energetic field, the easier it will be to hold these two intentions. It also gets easier to shift

state, reboot, and make an intentional impact.

3. Create intentional impact

Part of this includes the Five Steps to Intentional Impact. The better you get at rebooting (part 1) and the stronger your energetic field and foundation get (part 2), the easier it will be to create that intentional impact (part 3). These three parts of the IEP method all work together.

When you master these three elements, you will be able to do wonderful things, both in your career and personal life.

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