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While there’s a wide spectrum of leadership styles, achieving happiness in both personal and professional life is rarely the fundamental goal of a leader. Leaders, whether they’re authoritative or democratic, tend to focus more on building stronger connections, making smarter decisions, demonstrating confidence, and practicing self-discipline.

With all the overwhelming expectations, it may feel selfish to pursue personal happiness. However, positive feelings about your personal and professional life are the key to achieving your leadership goals. Long periods of unhappiness impact us not only emotionally but physically too, affecting all areas of our lives as our holistic health suffers. And when we don’t reach our full potential because we are weighed down by the burden of negative feelings, we fail to model and purposefully influence the positive emotions that help encourage the people that look to us for leadership.

Creating sustainable happiness should be the conscious commitment of a positive leader. Here are 7 steps to positive leadership: 

1. Find purpose in everyday life

No matter how routine your life may be, you’ll find there are instances that spark your joy and make you feel gratitude. It may be the quiet moments in the morning when you have your first cup of coffee or when you’ve finished your exercise routine for the day. It may even be when your pet greets you when you come home. We all define happiness differently. And when you become aware of those meaningful moments when you feel your happiest, you recognize your capability to create a happier and healthier future.

2. Widen your perspective

When we’re so focused on a goal, we tend to miss the big picture. Take a step back to look beyond your areas of responsibility. Examine all the elements of your personal and professional life to identify how movements, divisions, connections, and decisions impact one another.

3. Focus on self-development

When you examine your life from different angles, you begin to identify both your strengths and weaknesses. Accepting that you need work is the first step to addressing faults, inconsistencies, and gaps.

4. Gain clarity on your leadership goals

Before executing any plans and strategies, you need to be clear about your goals. Taking the time to define your goals often leads to prioritization, allowing you to manage your time better and recognize when it’s time to ask for help or delegate.

5. Listen with intention

Your ability to listen and demonstrate to people that they’ve been heard is a powerful way to earn people’s confidence and loyalty. Intentional listening demonstrates that you care about them and their opinion. And when you truly listen, you also increase your self-awareness.

6. Improve understanding of team members and stakeholders

As a leader, your success also relies on your relationship with your team members and stakeholders. Take the time to understand what motivates your individual team members and how you can contribute to helping them achieve their personal and professional goals.

7. Share your energy

Share your goals for self-development and positive leadership with your team. Not only could it spark their commitment to achieving happiness and holistic health, but they will appreciate your transparency. 

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