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The most successful leaders who lead well-balanced personal and professional lives live by 12 principles. To achieve true success, remember that the following 12 values are the key to unlocking your potential as a great leader:

1. Strength of Character

People who are true to character become that way over time. Often they are tested and their true values reveal themselves as they withstand temptations and trials. They stay strong in the moment of choice and demonstrate toughness as they guard their values.

2. Inspired Vision

A vision is not to be confused with goals. To have a vision means to have a cause that is meaningful and purposeful. It ensures that you are headed in a positive direction that is transformational.

3. Developed Goals

Goals support the vision and a well-crafted plan is how you will reach it. Start by aligning your goals with your vision and recognizing the key roles you play in your life. Remember that beyond work and being a leader, you may also be a parent, a member of the community, a friend, and a mentor. All these are factors to achieving your goals.

4. Focused Priorities

Sacrifice is often involved when it comes to prioritizing your time. Get your priorities straight and do what matters most first. Take control by planning and eliminating or minimizing ineffective activities that don’t bring you closer to achieving your goals.

5. Respectful

For relationships that are long-lasting and genuine, treat others the way you want to be treated. To be respected, you must show respect. Be compassionate and respectful of people’s differences.

6. Trustworthy

Trust is built and maintained by what you do and not through what you say. Achieve trustworthiness through genuine mutual understandings and shared experiences.

7. Communicate Effectively

A good leader is a highly effective communicator who pays attention to who they are interacting with. They are sincere listeners and look people in the eye. They are also capable of relaying their thoughts and ideas effectively.

8. Imaginative

The most successful organizations become that way because of people who are innovative, generating solutions to problems and creating possibilities and opportunities. They tap into their curiosity and understand how things work by asking the right questions. They open up their minds to new ideas.

9. Accountable

People who aren’t accountable deny responsibility and tend to blame others for their shortcomings. This attitude doesn’t bring people towards success. Accountability requires a commitment to live with integrity and accept fault.

10. Knowledgeable

Great leadership means having a desire to learn constantly and applying your knowledge. You should be willing to try new things and also be ready to admit when you have more to learn.

11. Balanced

The best leaders don’t devote themselves entirely to work. They value their personal lives as much as their professional success and aim to find a balance between the two.

12. Resilient  

At some point, we all will experience a setback or failure. You succeed when you don’t give up and allow your failures define you. Learn from every challenge and recognize that there can be value in failure. When you stumble, adjust your attitude and don’t feel defeated. Get up and try again.

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