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Because of the fast-paced and unpredictable business markets, leaders must adopt behaviors that are intentional in order to thrive in today’s economy.

Leaders should also recognize that efforts that are consistent, however small, will ultimately result in significant and impactful outcomes. Here are 10 purposeful leadership steps to take to help you bridge the gap between where you started to the type of leader you envision yourself to be in the future:

1. Believe In Your Abilities

When you lack self-esteem and self-confidence, you won’t feel fit to lead. And when you don’t believe in yourself, how will anyone else? It’s doubtful that you reached a leadership role on pure luck alone. Trust in yourself and your abilities. Have courage, recognize and mitigate risks, and allow yourself to learn if you misstep.

2. Embrace Challenge

When we have the confidence to face small challenges, we are better prepared to overcome bigger challenges when they arise. Don’t let yourself or your team fall into a state of complacency.

3. Be Grateful

Not everyone is successful when they face challenges. However, gratitude must still be expressed for efforts made.

4. Feed Curiosity

Always seek to find the right answers and encourage your team to do the same. Only phonies fake it until they make it. The type of people you want to surround yourself with should be creative, curious, and willing to learn.

5. Let Others Fail So They May Learn

Leaders often have a difficult time seeing their people fail and may even take steps to avoid it by stepping in before it happens. However, it’s important to let your employees build their confidence by meeting their own challenges.

6. Be Authentic

You can’t promote an environment of inclusivity if you hide your own personal identity traits so as not to be judged. Being genuine about your ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, disabilities, or even marital status does not change who you are as a professional.

7. Practice Mindfulness

Be fully present when your action is required. Be self-aware of your thoughts, emotions, or experiences so that you may interact without judgment.

8. Inspire Others

As a leader, your people look to you for motivation. Allow their efforts to inspire you and in turn, inspire them by being a present and proactive leader. Be open to new possibilities and promote that they support each other rather than compete.

9. Communicate Roles Clearly

Conflicts often arise when roles are blurred. When people don’t know who is responsible for what, people lose that sense of accountability. By clarifying roles, you avoid miscommunication and conflict.

10. Pause to Gain New Perspective

It’s amazing what taking occasional small breaks can do for your spirit and point-of-view. It refreshes you. You may even discover a new vantage point that you didn’t recognize existed before.

As a leader, which of these behaviors do you feel makes the biggest impact? Do you struggle to include these competencies consistently? As someone who has met with many business leaders, I believe I can help develop you into an exceptional leader. Let’s connect:


  • Laudiscus Nyambu says:

    Thank you so much the lesson was informative and quite enlightening.

    • Greg Nichvalodoff says:

      Hi Laudiscus. Thank you very much for taking the time to reach out and thank me for the article.

      I trust you are finding my leadership blogs useful.

      All the best,


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