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Authenticity is an essential characteristic of every inspirational leader. If we are to look at people such as Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet, or Pope Francis, all of them have the capacity to garner admiration from a large audience. How? They speak from the heart.

As an HR leader, you should also project your authenticity in the workplace. To do so, you will have to develop a communication style that’s able to blend both competency and vulnerability. It’s important to remember that authentic behaviour is always present. It’s actually up to every one of us to decide how much of it are we willing to show.

Also, authenticity is both internal and external. This means that you will have to find your authenticity based on your core values and prioritize them based on those you value the most. Also, a cohesive and coherent leadership story that conveys who you are and how you got your position will go a long way.

By being explicitly transparent, you will be able to inform people of your intent and explain yourself, while at the same time making you seem more relatable. By allowing yourself to express some vulnerability and not acting upbeat when you’re feeling down, you’ll be able to create more meaningful connections with your peers.

How To Inspire Purpose In Yourself and Others

Working with a clear purpose will always infuse labour with meaning. HR leaders can help people connect with their purpose through authentic conversations. People will be able to find purpose in their work if the work they do will check all of these five components:

To be able to inspire others, you will have to use the very same purpose that gets you out of bed every morning and drives you throughout the day. Aligning your life with your purpose is all about developing a personal brand that rests entirely on your values. To achieve it, begin by writing down your top ten values. Next, narrow them down to the five values that resonate the most with you. Keep these values with you throughout the day and let them act as a guide for your actions.

Don’t forget to schedule some downtime for self-reflection. Make sure your behaviours support your purpose and always be on the lookout to develop new goals that help achieve it more fully. Likewise, look for inspirational role models who will be able to motivate you and broaden your perspective.

Don’t Underestimate the Courage of Your Convictions

People also respect leaders who have the courage to always stand by their convictions. This can mean anything from making a tough call to having a difficult conversation or taking the road less traveled. However, it’s important to realize that courage seldom requires any grandiose gestures to shine through.

People will usually display it in small, everyday tasks, actions, and decisions. In large, there are three main types of courage:

  • Courage to try something new and unfamiliar.
  • Courage to hand over control to others.
  • Courage to speak unpleasant truths.

Both authenticity and courage will work together to drive people to become their best and discover their purpose. HR leaders, in particular, should be able to have this ability and constantly engage and motivate their staff members.

Do you use any other ways to inspire employees in the workplace? I would welcome your comments and ideas. Let’s connect to discuss.

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