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If you’re in search of new career options and opportunities, you definitely won’t be successful if you’re trying to do it on your own. We all know the phrase “no man is an island,” which has proven to be true. To achieve professional success, we need to make a collective effort. For successful individuals, the causes have been contributed to their strong networking channels. However, this doesn’t mean you should network with everyone. Focus on networking with those who are relevant to your career. Can you benefit from their knowledge, and can you contribute to their success?

Strong vs. Loose Ties

People build networks that consist of two types of connections – strong ties and loose ties. Strong or close ties include everyone you interact with frequently – friends, family, good work friends, former and current classmates, etc. As for loose ties, they include acquaintances, social media contacts, and friends you don’t interact with every day.

When it comes to new career opportunities and options, those who reach out to their loose ties are better able to find a job, earn a higher income, and are more satisfied at work. Why? Because loose ties are less personally invested in your career, which makes them more objective. They have the resources and knowledge to make risks pay off, while close friends and family might be more inclined to stop you from taking risks.

How Networking with Loose Ties Can Benefit Your Career

  • Networking makes you noticeable

Everyone seeks exposure through networking because it’s a surefire way to get noticed. People notice those with stronger capabilities because they stand out in both the services and expertise they offer. It opens avenues for partnerships, which, in turn, help you build your career.

  • New opportunities

Career and business-minded individuals who have been networking are able to grow with minimal effort because of the series of new opportunities that are available to them. When networking, you might meet better clients or people who have achieved beyond your current career path, which could be a major stepping stone in your career.

  • Improving your creative intellect

A simple interaction with the right person can lead to a breakthrough. Great innovations and aspirations form various external factors where people find themselves. Our intellectual abilities are improved, thanks to the contacts that we’ve built over the years. Intelligent and experienced people challenge your beliefs and support your development to foster growth and unleash all creative talents you possess.

  • Reaching higher career status

Top career professionals are where they are now thanks to networking. They have built a solid reputation as an experienced and knowledgeable person that knows which move to make, how to make it, and when. Developing that kind of career status is a long-term process that depends on your networking path.

There are two ways for increasing your network – build and bridge. By getting to know people, you build your network, one person at a time. Also, you can bridge together people within your network. Link people to others for their mutual benefit, and you will build good will, as well as your integrity and reputation within your network.

Are you trying to facilitate networking within your organization? Are you having trouble with helping your employees build new relationships? If so, I would be glad to give assistance. Feel free to book a few minutes to discuss.

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