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Just like the juggler who has too many balls in the air, the more things you have going on, the harder it is to keep it going without dropping the ball. The more the pace of our lives accelerates, the more we need balance. This is why we need simple daily habits for success to help maintain our foundation.

Habits for Success

1. Be Kind

 Wayne Dyer said, “It’s better to be kind than to be right.” See how everything improves in your life when you are being genuinely kind. For instance, next time you have the opportunity to let a car merge into your lane while you’re driving, don’t hesitate. You’ll feel better, they will appreciate it, and your positivity will inspire others to do the same.

It doesn’t have to just be on the highway—you can help someone out at the local shop or hold the door when entering the room. You can also say hello to a stranger, make a donation to the less fortunate, or give an honest compliment to someone who looks like they could use one. Kindness is an essential part of your foundation and another form of beauty. Spread it, share it, and be it.

2. Leave Ten Minutes Early

How often do you find yourself running late to work or wherever you need to be? How does it make you feel? Angry? Stressed? Guilty? There’s a very simple method you can apply to eliminate all those unpleasant feelings that come from being rushed. Try leaving ten or fifteen minutes early. (Sounds simple, right?)

When you start leaving ten minutes early, you will notice the difference right away. You will get to work feeling much more balanced and peaceful. You will be ready to start the day. When you are late to work, you usually carry a load of stress and anxiety. You will start those days feeling behind and definitely not relaxed. When you start running early instead of running late, your stress and anxiety levels will go down, and you will be more ready for the day. Give yourself that extra time; you will definitely be glad you did.

3. Attitude of Gratitude

Try to give thanks for all that comes to you – the good and the bad. You may be wondering, why would you want to give thanks for something bad? Well, because we are all here to learn and grow, and the best learning opportunities usually happen during trying times. So you should be thankful for them, and the new and hopefully improved you who came out of a difficult situation wiser and tougher.

The hard times will sooner or later pass, and the next time they come around, you will be better prepared. Or even better, you can help someone else who is going through a hard time

with your experience. Try to write down five to ten things that you are grateful for every morning daily and watch your spirit rise, while your life and career change for the better!

Discover more ways to practice habits of success, consistently connect with your leadership team, and predictably turn them into highly engaged employees. Call me for some complimentary advice. Book an appointment at or call me at +1 (604) 943-0800.

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