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Contagious Leadership: Inspire and Grow Others

Masterful leadership means more than just running a company and making profits. Leaders impact almost every part of an organization, for better or for worse. A leader’s energy toward their team translates to how the team members behave with each other, the clients, the community, and the world.

Great leadership creates and enables more positively contagious leaders, who create and enable more positively contagious leaders, and so on.

So how do you inspire and enroll new leaders? Here are the five core components of creating leaders.

Contagious Leadership: The Intention of Service

If you’re feeling purposeful and driven, it’s probably not just because your leadership position is directing you to be so or because you’re expected to do your job. It’s something much bigger than yourself or your desire to fit in. Underneath it all probably lies the intention of service. It helps us focus on what really matters and allows us to give the most powerful version of ourselves in service of others. After that, our leadership is no longer about looking good to others or being right – it’s about the people. When done with the intention of service, every conversation or act of leadership becomes clearer, easier, and more compelling.

Hold a Big Container

One of your most important duties as a leader is to hold space for your people. The container can be explained as the energetic space you hold for someone so they can do their best and grow. The size of the container we hold for another person can affect who they become. If we don’t believe in that person and hold a small container, they will probably feel it and act accordingly. If we believe in that person and hold a large container, they will feel it and grow into the space we have reserved for them.

Give Good Feedback

To be a good leader, you must be good at giving and receiving feedback. Make sure that the feedback helps the person; it should be clear, clean, and specific. Recognize that the people you are

giving the feedback are just like you, with their own hopes, dreams, heart, fears, and desires to do the best they can. Remember that their growth is more important than keeping your own comfort.

Recognize, Value, and See the People You Lead

Keep in mind that you are leading human beings. You may be their mentor or their boss, but you can not be responsible for their success. They are. You need to lead them, be clear and direct, help them on their path, and help them become the leaders that they can be.

Let Them Lead

Your job is not to be followed. It’s to nourish, create, and grow other leaders. Contagious leadership is one of the greatest forms of contagiousness. In order to succeed, you need to be careful about a few things: your ego, your growth, your congruency, your presence, and your purpose.

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