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Success isn’t reserved for social butterflies with vibrant personalities and can take command of a room. Famous and highly-influential introverts such as Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, and Mark Zuckerberg have proven that.

Introverts may prefer to be alone and struggle to cope in stimulating environments. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t make a powerful difference in their own quiet way. Here’s how introverts use their innate strengths to become powerful influences:

1. Create and Protect Quiet Time

It’s been observed that you can spark creativity while in solitude. There’s something about being alone and self-aware with your thoughts that boost your imagination. Introverts have their unique processes, but they have found that taking time to be quiet and reflect is the best way to promote innovative thoughts.

It starts with scheduling quiet times throughout your week and staying committed to them. Turn off your electronic devices to avoid distraction if you must. As mentioned, each person will have their own method and variation of quiet time. Quiet time for you may be meditation while it may be a peaceful run for someone else. Find what works for you.

2. Strategic and Conscious Preparation

Because introverts struggle in social settings, they prepare for all encounters. It could be a meeting or a presentation or something as simple as a one-on-one conversation. By planning ahead and being prepared with the information and insight they need, they lessen the anxiety that often comes with being ill-equipped to interact with a lot of people. Because they’ve organized their thoughts and practiced potential scenarios in their heads, they’re much more capable of managing themselves in social situations.

3. Engaged Listening

People who are good listeners are better at building rapport and cultivating relationships. Because introverts value their quiet time, they’ve also learned how to be active and engaged listeners. While extroverts take command of most conversations, introverts are listening and taking away the most value from the interaction.

4. Purpose-Driven Conversations

It’s true that extroverts are friendly and outgoing. They’re energized by being around people and never seem to run out of things to talk about. Extroverts can talk about anything and everything. Introverts, on the other hand, rather than exchange pleasantries or shoot the breeze, prefer to have focused conversations. A focused conversation is not to be confused with one that is heartless or robotic; it’s one that is more meaningful because it has been planned to have more of an impact.

5. Leverage the Power of Social Media  

The digital revolution may prove to be the age where introverts will ultimately rule. The beauty of social media is that introverts can use it to better express themselves by using their innate writing skills. Because social media allows them to be social without having to be in an actual social setting, introverts can control the degree at which they engage.

Social media allows introverts to choose their own pace and be selective about how they communicate. Social media has created incredible opportunities for introverts to take back the power and make a powerful impact. Because introverts are more in tune with their thoughts, they can create content using their natural writing skills to develop thoughtful arguments that can motivate others into action.

Are you an introvert who wants to learn more about unlocking your power to influence by using your innate skills and natural abilities as a quiet influencer? Let me help you set and achieve your performance goals.

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