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Even when employee engagement programs are well-developed and proactively implemented, leadership can be left wondering how effective their efforts have been. High productivity and performance can be good indicators that teams are motivated. However, there’s a way to recognize how engaged employees are and are most likely to continue to perform well on an individual level. The following are 11 factors that help predict high performance in an employee:   

1. Equipped with the right tools and resources

When employees have received adequate training and are provided with the right materials, they have what they need to perform their tasks effectively – eliminating the frustration of being ill-equipped to no fault of their own.

2. Feels the supervisor cares

Feeling that their supervisor pays genuine attention and provides support helps motivate employees. Even the most independent employee can be inspired to perform better when they know leadership not only appreciates their productivity but also looks after their health and well-being.

3. Encouraged to grow personally and professionally

The person who encourages them to develop doesn’t always have to be a supervisor; it can be a coworker or even someone from the HR department or training team. When someone encourages you to grow, it can lead to employees exploring opportunities for development which translate to driving performance and unlocking potential.

4. Opinions are valued

The best leaders encourage their teams to share their thoughts and opinions and provide input, allowing employees to feel they have a voice in decision-making. When employees’ feedback is heard and encouraged, they feel invested in the outcomes.

5. Knows what is expected of them

Employees need to know their roles beyond what their tasks are. They want to know what is expected of them and the impact that their contributions make on the company’s success.

6. Opportunity to do what they do best

The most engaged and productive employees are the ones who can let their unique talents shine. It’s likely that their managers have gotten to know them on an individual level and encouraged them to be their best selves.

7. Aligns with the company’s mission

Employees are most motivated when they know their job has a positive impact on the company’s overall success. They need to align with the company’s mission and take pride that their contributions, big or small, go towards a higher purpose.

8. Colleagues are driven

Employees can become less energized to perform when their coworkers or managers do only the bare minimum. They are less likely to remain committed to the work when they see that others don’t care, perform, or contribute and yet never get reprimanded or coached.

9. Coworkers consider friends 

Employees are not robots. They will naturally need to socialize and find people they connect with. Having a work friend makes it more fun to come to work and keeps them emotionally attached to the company.

10. Progress and accomplishments are recognized

When we perform well, recognition can make us feel valued, appreciated, and seen. Recognizing someone’s progress and achievements helps motivate them to continue performing well and communicates to other employees that efforts are celebrated and contribute to collective success.

11. New knowledge and growth

The more opportunities there are for learning and growth, the more employees become engaged because it empowers them. It makes them feel that the company is investing in them, training them to improve – not just for the organization’s sake but also for their personal development. 

Evaluate your employees periodically to recognize if they have the factors that help predict high performance. Ask them if all these 11 indicators apply to them. 

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